There’s practically a solution for every possible dental problem there is out there, yet still, there are people who continue to suffer. While some will say it is their dental anxiety or their busy schedule that’s keeping them from paying their dentist a visit, there’s still the harsh reality that some could not get the treatment they need because they can’t afford the dental fees.

In the process of saving up for their procedure, their ailments become aggravated leading to bigger problems that cost more to fix. It is also for this reason that many dental technologists try to develop new treatment options that not only meet patients’ clamor for less invasive, painless, and convenient solutions, but are also affordable to their intended recipients.

In the area of dental implants, patients can now enjoy the benefits of having permanent replacement teeth at a price suited to their budget. If most regular implants go beyond what they can pay for, there’s the alternative of mini-implants, which cost less precisely because they are much smaller in size compared to the standard ones. Conventional-sized implants measure around 3.7mm and up in diameter while mini-implants are less than 3.0 mm.

Ideal Candidates for Mini-Implants

Needless to say, cost considerations are not the only reason a person gets mini-implants over regular ones. Mini-implants in fact, are ideal for patients whose jaw bone structure has become weak or corroded and had been previously turned down for regular implants.

And since mini-implants are smaller, there is less drilling of jaw bone, resulting in quicker procedures with less post-operative discomfort, with the titanium alloy material in the implant easily fusing with the bone. And with a credible and well-respected professional like Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. handling the job, the patient can rest assured that the mini-implants will be accurately and correctly placed.

If you are among the millions who have been initially turned down for implants, have yourself checked by Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Matiasevich to find out if mini-implants may just be the treatment for you. His team may be reached at 831-440-7577 and will gladly assist you to set an appointment.

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