Are you too old for dental implants?

I don’t think anyone can ever be too old for dental implants. A lot of people say that and actually the younger the patient is I hear that more often. We’re placing dental implants in people that are in their 70’s, 80’s and up into 90’s. The oldest patient I’ve placed implants in was 97 years old. But we’ll place not just one but we’re talking about multiple implants; we’ve had several patients in their 80’s where we’ve placed 5, 6, 7 implants.

Age isn’t really a factor; it’s just the quality of life. What do you want to be able to do and eat and enjoy in your later years? All too often I hear people, maybe they’re just retired in their 60’s and they think I’m not going to live that long. Well you never know. People are living a lot older these days and it’s really a matter of quality of life. If you have implants, you’re going to be able to chew your food better and you’re going to be able to digest your food better and you’re probably going to get better nutrition overall. You’ll probably end up living longer too.

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