I would recommend Dr. Matiasevich to anybody

Interviewer: Thanks, Judy. So nice to have you here.

Judy: Thank you.

Interviewer: So, I was gonna ask you, today, we got all finished with you today, but when you first came in, what did your mouth feel like?

Judy: I had so many missing teeth, it was really bad. I couldn’t chew, I couldn’t do a lot of things, and didn’t want to smile, and all that good stuff. So, I heard about Dr. Bob, came in. And I also had a problem with infection in my jaw, too, so I had to take care of that issue. And I am delighted with him.

Interviewer: Good. So I know you had implants, you kind of had the tooth-in-a-day done. The day that you actually came in for surgery, how did everything go? How did it feel on your end?

Judy: Great. I mean, you came in, you’re sedated, they make you feel comfortable, and you go home, you take a little rest, and you’re back at it.

Interviewer: Okay, good. I’m so glad. So, it felt like everything went pretty quick, yeah?

Judy: Mm-hm.

Interviewer: Okay, which is good, because you were actually here for a couple hours that day.

Judy: Yeah, it did seem like it.

Interviewer: All right. Well, that’s good. So now you have everything in, you’ve got your nice beautiful teeth, how does everything feel today?

Judy: Perfect. I’m delighted, and I would recommend Dr. Matiasevich to anybody.

Interviewer: Okay, perfect. And I know you were saying before, you kind of stayed away from cameras, right?

Judy: I did. And, as you can see, I’m here.

Interviewer: Excellent. Well, thank you so much, Judy.

Judy: You’re welcome.

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