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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions2020-06-06T08:43:22-07:00
What type of payments do you accept?2020-06-06T08:30:21-07:00

We accept cash, check and most major credit cards. We offer payment plans through Care Credit and Chase.   For more information, see our Payment Options.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?2020-06-06T08:30:12-07:00

Our entire practice team closely adheres to and exceeds excellent sterilization and infection control procedures as outlined by the American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control. This goes beyond wearing gloves and face masks to prevent passing germs. It includes a specialized sanitation center and a water filtration system that guarantees a fresh water source for each patient.

What is Zoom?2020-06-06T08:25:07-07:00

Zoom! and Zoom2! are in-office whitening procedures that can be performed only in a dental office. A patented whitening solution is applied to your teeth and a light (with a specific frequency) activates the whitening solution. The result is a whiter smile in about an hour (total appointment time is about 2 hours). Zoom! is featured on ABC’s hit TV show “Extreme Makeover”.

What is Teeth-in-an-Hour?2020-06-06T08:24:19-07:00

Teeth in an Hour is a system developed by Nobel Biocare and used by Dr. Matiasevich to place dental implants and deliver teeth connected to those implants in a one-hour appointment.  In most cases, you only need to come in once before the actual procedure for examination and treatment planning.

I want to whiten my smile but I am also thinking about getting bonding or veneers on my front teeth. What should I do first?2020-06-06T08:25:21-07:00

Dr. Matiasevich recommends whitening first to his patients. Once your teeth are as white as you like, then he will match the bonding or veneers to that whiter shade. Our whitening procedures work quickly, so in no time you will have the beautiful smile you want and deserve.

I really don’t like visiting the dentist. Is there anything you can do to help me relax?2020-06-06T08:29:17-07:00

We strive to create a relaxing atmosphere by understanding your concerns so that we can help alleviate them. We have iPods, blankets, and relaxing videos of our beautiful planet.

If you need more than that, sedation dentistry may be the answer for you. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for patients who are extremely anxious. We also can prescribe an oral sedative before your appointment to help you relax.

I have chipped/broken my front tooth. What are my options for correcting this?2020-06-06T08:29:07-07:00

Fractured front teeth are unsightly. The broken teeth are uneven and have a negative effect on your appearance. Depending on how large the fracture, there are several restorative options. Sometimes bonding will restore small fractures or slightly chipped teeth. For larger fractures or broken teeth, porcelain is usually the best option to restore and strengthen the teeth. Before jumping into treatment, however, Dr. Matiasevich first wants to know why your teeth are breaking. It is important to find out so that your restorations will be more predictable and last longer. He will discuss your options with you and together we will customize an ideal treatment plan to give you the gorgeous smile you deserve.

I have a lot of old fillings (silver) in my mouth that have been there for a while. One is sensitive and the others are just ugly. What are my options?2020-06-06T08:25:58-07:00

Old silver fillings leak, causing decay to re-enter the tooth (which may or may not cause sensitivity). Not to mention they are unsightly. Options for silver filling replacement include direct composites (tooth-colored fillings) or porcelain inlays and onlays, all of which provide an optimal aesthetic and healthy result.

I am missing a tooth and am considering an implant. What is the process for an implant? Are implants more feasible than dentures?2020-06-06T08:24:51-07:00

Oftentimes, implants are the best restoration for a missing tooth. Dr. Matiasevich will discuss all of the options (and the pros and cons of each option) with you in order to customize an ideal treatment plan for you. The implant process is relatively simple and requires two steps. First, the implant is placed into the tooth-socket where your tooth root used to be. Second, a restoration is created and placed on the implant to restore the crown of your tooth. All of this can be accomplished by Dr. Matiasevich in our office.

For patients who are missing many or all of their teeth, implants may be the solution for restoring all of the missing teeth – offering a great life-improvement for these patients. Sometimes, a few implants may be placed in order to stabilize floppy dentures – another terrific improvement in the lives of so many denture-wearers.

I am a new patient and would like to get started. What will my first appointment be?2020-06-06T08:28:57-07:00

Congratulations on your decision to get started with us! We welcome new patients for a consultation visit or you can skip ahead to the new patient exam. During a consultation visit, we will take photos of your smile/teeth. Dr. Matiasevich will review these photos with you and discuss treatment options. During the new patient exam he will do a very thorough exam. Also, we will take photos and any necessary radiographs. Afterwords, he will customize a treatment plan for you.

How long do veneers and Lumineers last?2020-06-06T08:26:11-07:00

When cared for properly, porcelain veneers and Lumineers can last for a very long time (10 or even 20 years). On average, they probably last 8 to 15 years. Failures are typically caused by poor oral hygiene or failure to wear a night guard when one is recommended.   In most cases the word “failure” only represents that a new veneer must be made to replace the old one.   The tooth is usually fine though.

How can I directly ask the doctor questions?2020-06-06T08:28:09-07:00

We encourage all of our patients to have open, direct communication with Dr. Matiasevich and his staff.

Therefore, we are available to answer your questions either via e-mail, voice mail or through this website.  In case of dental emergencies, the office voice mail after hours always has emergency contact information.

Do you take my insurance?2020-06-06T08:27:57-07:00

We will help you maximize ‘out-of-network’ insurance benefits for any treatment. With the exception of Delta Dental we are not a listed provider on any insurance lists. We are happy to submit claims for our patients. We are a fee for service office which means our patients pay for their services on the day the services are provided. We do not know in advance what services (if any) YOUR insurance company will cover. We can only guess based on what are other patients’ insurance companies have done in the past. All insurance companies (as well as the hundreds of different plans within each individual insurance company) vary on what they will or will not cover. As with all medical providers, many times our fees will exceed what your insurance company will pay. We make sure our patients understand the cost of every procedure before we start.

Do you accept referrals?2020-06-06T08:27:45-07:00

We most certainly accept referrals from other dental offices as well as referrals made by our patients of their family, friends, and coworkers for those currently have no “happy dental home”.

Do I have to floss every day? Is it really that important?2020-06-06T08:23:58-07:00

It’s been said that you should only floss those teeth that you want to keep. And it’s true! A little regular flossing goes a long way and is truly critical for your overall oral health. It loosens food particles in tight spaces that your toothbrush cannot reach; it gets rid of plaque buildup that toothbrushes alone cannot remove; and it protects your gum tissues from irritation. In addition, flossing carries oxygen molecules into the tissues where anaerobic bacteria live. Oxygen is poisonous to anaerobic bacteria and they are killed on contact. It’s a safeguard against gum disease. So, just think of daily flossing as the finishing touch after brushing – insurance for your smile’s future.

Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implants: Which one is right for me?2020-06-06T08:24:36-07:00

At your New Patient Exam, Dr. Matiasevich will do a thorough exam and we will take photos and necessary x-rays of your teeth, gums and jaws. You will review these digital images with the doctor and together you will develop a treatment plan that is best for you.

Oftentimes, implants are the best restoration for a missing tooth. Dr. Matiasevich will discuss all of the options (and the pros and cons of each option) with you in order to customize an ideal treatment plan for you. The implant process is relatively simple and requires two steps. First, the implant is placed into the tooth-socket where your tooth root used to be. Second, a restoration is created and placed on the implant to restore the crown of your tooth.

Can you show me what my smile can look like ahead of time with imaging software?2020-06-06T08:27:08-07:00

We routinely use dental imaging to help our patients visualize the end results of your cosmetic or restorative dental treatment. By simply asking the right questions, taking various photos of your current smile, and keying in the correct information into the computer, we’ll generate a photographic image to demonstrate accurately how the procedure will affect your smile. In other words, you get to preview just how it will look before you commit to doing anything!

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