Dental Preventative Care

Dr. Matiasevich provides a variety of preventative services, including the following:

  1. Teeth Cleaning
  2. Sealants – plastic tooth colored coding that are placed over the deep fissures and grooves of back teeth to prevent cavities
  3. Digital x-rays – 90% less radiation than traditional films
  4. Laser Cavity Detection
  5. Oral Cancer Screening
  6. Tmj Screening
  7. Working with your physician M.D.

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Oral Hygiene – Dental Health for Life

The best tools for maintaining your oral health and minimizing dental problems are a quality toothbrush, toothpaste, a roll of dental floss, approved mouthwash, and a good diet. Unfortunately, myths and folklore abound on how and what to use to best effect. This article cuts through the confusion with a winning game plan for oral health.

Dental Hygiene Visit

Each dental hygiene visit begins by reviewing your health history to identify issues that may necessitate special precautions during dental hygiene care to ensure your safety and to prevent medical emergencies.

Flossing – A Different Approach

Flossing is important but challenging for some – this approach may make your life easier! Research suggests that while most people will habitually brush their teeth, developing a flossing habit is still a bit more difficult. Flossing remains the best method for most effectively removing plaque from between the teeth where the brush won’t reach.

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