New Teeth in 1 Visit – All-on-4 Procedure

Do you need new teeth but do not want to wait months to get them? If you wear dentures, have missing teeth, or teeth that cannot be saved, our office is now offering a revolutionary, cutting-edge solution to the long waits and painful side effects of traditional teeth replacement. Teeth in a Day will give you complete dental implants or teeth replacements in about an hour.

Previously, those in need of teeth replacement would have multiple, often painful surgeries over many months to get what can now be done in a fraction of that time.

How Teeth in a Day Works

Here’s how it works: using a CT scan and virtual reality software, Dr. Matiasevich plans your dental implant placement and fabricates the teeth replacement before the surgery is even performed.

This computer-guided dental implant surgery is extremely accurate, safe, and allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment.

With conventional treatment, you have to wait four to six months for your implants to heal before your new teeth are placed. This concept is applicable to any patient indication from a single tooth to partially or fully missing teeth. The ability to pre-plan and pre-manufacture your final restoration allows us to use a minimally invasive surgical protocol with no stitches under local anesthetic.

You may even be able to eat immediately after the treatment. Teeth in an Hour is just one of the many advanced technologies we use at Dr. Robert Matiasevich Jr., DDS Inc.

What Is All-on-4?

All-on-Four is the solution for patients who want a fixed restoration of their teeth in one day. The revolutionary All-on-Four technique allows patients to receive a full fixed (non-removable) bridge on as few as 4 dental implants – all in the same day!

Even those patients who have been told they are not dental implant candidates due to bone loss are now able to restore their smiles by utilizing this technique. Virtually all denture patients, those with failing crown and bridgework, and even those with severe bone loss from periodontal disease now have the option to get their smile back.

In the past, multiple implants were needed to supply enough strength for a full set of teeth. New technology has found that if the end implants are placed at angles, their strength is drastically increased. This allows us to be able to anchor a fixed bridge with as few as 4 or 6 implants – far fewer than normally used.

Placing fewer implants also saves thousands of dollars. In addition, it’s now possible for patients to have a non-removable bridge placed the same day they receive their implants, and almost always without the need for bone grafting.

Why You Need All-on-4

Advantages of Getting Permanent Teeth with the All-on-4 procedure include:

  • New, permanent teeth in 1 visit
  • Long-term investment in health, likely no need to replace
  • Beautiful, secure teeth without slippage
  • Smile, talk and eat with confidence
  • No need to limit foods or diet (unlike removable dentures)
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Maintain your youthful appearance
  • Save time in the dental chair and money in the long run

See How All-on-4 Can Change Your Life

Are You a Candidate?

Most likely! Virtually 90% of patients with teeth or without teeth are candidates for the All-on-4 procedure! Utilizing the cutting-edge 3D imaging techniques described above, Dr. Matiasevich is able to evaluate bone quality, volume & quantity and expertly assess which treatment option(s) will be right for you. We also perform virtual surgery before you are in the chair – meaning you will be able to see your results before the surgery, and each preplanned step will be executed with the utmost precision.

Dr. Matiasevich is also now a certified Medicare provider and can give you more information on how or if that applies to your oral health when you come into the consultation.

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If you’d like to know more about how you can improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry, schedule a consultation with us today!

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