As part of the advanced treatment for your gum and bone disease, we will be using a LASER to further improve the result of your care and to increase the long-term success of saving your teeth. Laser therapy is the exciting next step in the evolution of treatment to prevent further destruction from the bacteria infecting your mouth.

Why a laser?

  • Provides benefits not possible with other regimens
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Decrease in post-care sensitivity
  • Less bleeding
  • Less post-treatment discomfort
  • Improves long-term result of care

What can I expect?

As with all care, local anesthesia is used for your comfort. A high frequency ultrasonic cleaner is used to remove gross deposits on the teeth and root surfaces and to flush bacteria from the gum pockets around the teeth. A low wattage laser, which is safe for the delicate gum tissues, further eliminates the bacteria in the infected gum lining and pocket. Hand instrumentation removes any remaining minute deposits that bacteria can re-infect. Finally, a localized antibiotic is placed in the pocket to further reduce infection. This combination therapy gives your body the best chance possible to heal from the destructive processes destroying your bone.

What happens after laser treatment?

Following your care, our hygienist will continue to monitor you closely and retreat any trouble sites that may require special attention. Your long-term success hinges on BOTH the initial laser treatment AND regular maintenance and aggressive intervention in any further problem areas. There have never been better odds to save your teeth and avoid gum surgeries.

How much will my benefits cover?

Care for your gums is expensive. However, replacing all of your teeth is an even more expensive and time-consuming venture. In the long-term, preventing tooth loss is the more economical choice. For gum and bone disease treatment, your dental benefits will cover a portion of your care. We will provide an estimate to you and will work with you to fit your care into your budget and schedule. In addition, we can help arrange financing to help you get your care in an expedient manner. If you require an exact estimate of your out-of-pocket expense, the appropriate paperwork can be sent to your benefit carrier.

We look forward to helping you keep your teeth as healthy as possible!

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