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Stick out your tongue

Stick out your tongue. How does it look?  Pretty and pink?  Yellow, milky white and coated?  Your mouth is teeming with bacteria that determine whether your teeth fall out or remain pearly white. 600 different species of bacteria in your mouth Did you know that every drop of saliva contains millions of bacteria and [...]

Stick out your tongue2024-02-06T08:36:28-08:00

Are you a mad snacker?

Are you a mad snacker?   Because I am.  Nothing makes my late afternoon days fly by like a little pick-me-up from the Chocolate Fairy.   Some people reach for an apple, maybe some nuts.  Some like the salty, some like the sweet.  I’ll take the sweet and I am not afraid to admit it.  For me [...]

Are you a mad snacker?2011-08-30T10:35:21-07:00

It’s not “just a cleaning”

So you have been a patient here for years, or maybe you are a new member of the family, either way, do you know really what happens at your teeth cleaning? If you're like most people,  the only thing you hear is "cavity" or no cavity.  However, so much more than just the evaluation of [...]

It’s not “just a cleaning”2011-08-03T14:36:51-07:00

Summer Newsletter

Hi Everyone!! Hope this finds you enjoying the sunshine to the fullest.  It's newsletter time and that means NEW QUARTERLY DRAWINGS!!! Click the link below to read up on the most recent winner as well as what YOU can win this quarter!! To your health, Dr. Bob https://santacruzdentist.com/newsletters/summer-2011-newsletter-2/

Summer Newsletter2011-07-15T10:14:06-07:00

The Wisdom in Teeth

What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that generally erupt between ages 17-25, when children pass into early adulthood.   This time period has previously been referred to as "the age of wisdom."   Subsequently, the third molars have been dubbed wisdom teeth.  Most people have 4, but it is [...]

The Wisdom in Teeth2011-06-02T11:45:08-07:00
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