Reverse Numbness with OraVerse

Reverse Numbness with OraVerse

oraverseLocal anesthetic is used to numb an area before the dentist works on your mouth. If you’ve ever had cavities filled, you know that the dentist first injects local anesthetic (sometimes after applying a topical numbing gel) and waits for the area to go numb. This is fine for most patients, but this loss of sensation can persist after the appointment.

Many patients hate the lingering numbness and how it can make parts of the mouth difficult to move. You may find yourself unable to smile, drink, eat, or speak properly for two or more hours after the procedure. You may also experience uncontrolled drooling.

Now there’s a way to end the numb feeling quickly and restore normal sensation in the mouth: OraVerse. OraVerse is an injected liquid that reverses the effects of local anesthetic and speeds up the return of normal sensation. No more stiff tongue and lips that persist even after you get home from the clinic!

How It Works

OraVerse reverses the numbness by increasing blood flow to the tissues. It only works if the local anesthetic contains a substance that narrows the blood vessels. Studies show that OraVerse can bring back normal sensation in the lips, cheeks, and tongue in less than an hour after your appointment, so you can resume your normal routine right away. Your Santa Cruz dentist injects OraVerse after the procedure. The area is still numb at this time, so you will feel no pain or discomfort from the injection.

Is OraVerse Right for You?

OraVerse can benefit anyone who hates prolonged numbness after dental treatment. OraVerse can be prescribed for adults as well as children, as long as they are age six or over and weigh 33 lbs. or more. Schedule a consultation with your dentist in Santa Cruz to learn more. Call 831-440-7577 now or click here to make an appointment.

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