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Youthful Confidence with Dental Implants

Dentures are common treatments for older people with missing teeth. But getting dentures is often an embarrassing phase of life. They also come with certain drawbacks. Older people are now discovering that dental implants are the better and more suitable option. Most of them are switching to implants for the following reasons:

Dental implants last longer

Although dental implants are more costly, they’re also extremely long lasting and durable. Older people don’t have to spend the rest of their lives managing dentures.
Older people will need to replace their dentures at some point.  But when they decide to get implants, they won’t have to worry about replacing them.  In good condition, dental implants last for many years. Patients won’t also have to worry about breaking or chipping implants, as this hardly happens compared to dentures.

Dental implants feel, look, and work like real teeth

Dental implants feel and look natural. Older people won’t have to feel insecure as they would with dentures. This may help increase their confidence when socializing with other people.

Dentures often become loose, requiring specialists to adjust them. Unfortunately, the service costs for adjustments add up over time. Dental implants seldom become loose once dentists secure them into the jaw. Patients won’t then have to worry about needing regular adjustments.

Dental implants also allow older people to eat and talk without worrying about loose or slipping false teeth. They also won’t have to taste the glue used to fix dentures whenever they eat or drink.

Using dentures require some getting used to, which may take weeks to years. But with dental implants, older people won’t have to adapt to false teeth. They may continue living normally.

Getting dental implants compared to dentures is highly beneficial for older people. The results are twice the worth of the costs. This makes implants a more cost effective option compared to dentures.

Dental implants suitability may depend on the strength of your bone, however. Dr. Matiasevich may provide all the necessary information about dental implants. Call us at 831 440 7577 to schedule a consultation.

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