Your Dental Diet: Taking Care of Your Implants

Your Dental Diet: Taking Care of Your Implants

Dental implants may give you a brand new smile or restore one you thought you’ve lost forever. Of course, with this opportunity come responsibilities. Implants don’t require drastic lifestyle changes, but they do mean some alterations to old habits, especially when it comes to food.

Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth, but their bite has a lot less pressure. Eating the wrong kinds of food may damage your abutments, harm your tooth root, and even cause injury to your gums and bones. Below are few dietary tips to keep your oral cavity in tip-top shape:

The Soft Diet

The soft diet period depends per patient. For most procedures, you only need to avoid solid food for the first few days. Despite this fact, some patients might be prescribed to avoid chewing on the implants for a few months. You can always chew on the unaffected side if you can’t keep living on a soft diet for a long period.

Bacteria is the Enemy

Excessive eating infests your oral cavity with bacteria and germs from the food you eat. Instead of snacking on chips and cakes, chew on healthy foods like raw vegetables or have some yogurt. Eat a cheesy snack as cheese is very good for your teeth and strengthens your gums.

Drinking Etiquette

Use a straw if you’re drinking sweet and high temperature beverages. While abutments are very hard to stain, the sugar from your beverage may cause bacteria to seep into your implants. Try to wash down any beverage with a glass of water afterwards.

You may only smile with confidence if you have beautiful teeth. If you’re looking for tooth replacements that look, feel, and work like the real thing, set an appointment with our clinic. As we specialize in dental implants, you can be sure you’re getting the best dental care available in Santa Cruz.

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