88 yr old dental implants – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

I’m 88 years old and they look very well.

Interviewer: All right. Hi, John. So I wanted to ask you what was it that got you to make that first call to come in and see us?

John: Well, actually I saw the ad in the paper and we’d been thinking about it, seeing all these ads from over the hill, so she says its locally. And I know the dentist’s father and has a good reputation, and his son probably has too.

Interviewer: Oh okay, well definitely. What was going on in your mouth that made you call?

John: Well, I had two teeth missing and probably should have taken good care of my teeth all my life. Having most of my teeth with bridges at 88 years old, that’s kind of unusual. All the doctors say, “Oh, you have all your own teeth?” I say, “Well, mostly my own.”

Interviewer: Most of them. All right, and I know the ones that were missing, especially the one on the top, it kind of showed when you smile.

John: Yeah, it did show, so that was the one that really influenced me to come and have it replaced.

Interviewer: Oh okay. Yeah, I remember the day you came in. Well, the whole process when he actually did put the implants in, how was it, was it comfortable?

John: Yes, it was no pain at all.

Interviewer: And then I wanted to ask you, now I know you said it before but how old are you?

John: I’m 88 years old.

Interviewer: Okay, and you felt that the procedure, everything went real comfortably?

John: Yes.

Interviewer: Very good. And you like how they look now, they look natural?

John: Yes, yes, they look very well.

Interviewer: Nice to chew with too, huh?

John: Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: Having a couple extra teeth when you’re eating. Well, what would you say to somebody else that they were missing some teeth and kind of looking around for options?

John: Well, it’s a wonderful way to have teeth put in. I was thinking about getting bridges, but then I didn’t want to have all my other teeth ground down like they would have to do to put in permanent bridges. So I thought well, I’ll spend the extra money and I’ll just have it done.

Interviewer: Good, have a nice permanent solution, right?

John: Right.

Interviewer: Perfect. Well, thank you, John.

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