88 yr Old Implants for Dentures – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Eighty-eight and everything fits just fine.

Female Speaker: So, Evelyn, when you came in, you had been in another office and they’d taken out all your upper teeth, right?

Evelyn: Right.

Female Speaker: And they just gave you a denture on the top. Was it hard to eat with the denture that you had before?

Evelyn: The one before I came in here?

Female Speaker: Yeah.

Evelyn: Well, not necessarily hard to eat, but it was getting it in, and when they put it in, they had to push it clear back in the back and it always hurt. And I got so that I couldn’t push it back far enough because it hurt too bad, so I just did without it and decided I would come here and get what I’m doing now.

Female Speaker: Okay, good. So the plastic would go all the way back in your mouth and hurt. That’s not very comfortable, huh?

Evelyn: No, no it was not at all. That’s why I decided to do something else.

Female Speaker: Okay, and the doctor talked to you about having a denture that connected to implants, right?

Evelyn: Yes, right.

Female Speaker: And just, he said it would connect better and you’d have less plastic in your mouth.

Evelyn: Right.

Female Speaker: I know, getting implants, sometimes some people will say, “Oh, I’m too old for implants.” Can you tell us how old you are?

Evelyn: Pardon?

Female Speaker: How old are you, Evelyn?

Evelyn: Eighty-eight.

Female Speaker: Eighty-eight, and you got the implants. Did you have any problems with the day they did the surgery and they put them in?

Evelyn: No, not at all, not at all.

Female Speaker: Okay, and now that you have a new denture that attaches to your implants, how does it fit?

Evelyn: They fit just fine.

Female Speaker: Okay. Is it easy to eat with?

Evelyn: Right.

Female Speaker: Okay, and is it a lot of plastic in your mouth, or just a little bit?

Evelyn: Little bit what?

Female Speaker: A little bit of the plastic. Is there a lot of plastic in your mouth?

Evelyn: No, no, not really. It’s hard to get used to at first, but after a while, you know, it gets better as time goes by.

Female Speaker: Good. Do you like it better than the denture you had before you came here?

Evelyn: Oh, yes, I do. I do.

Female Speaker: Okay, good. So you think Dr….

Evelyn: It’s not any trouble, that’s for sure.

Female Speaker: That’s good. So you think Dr. Bob did a good job, then?

Evelyn: Oh, he’s wonderful. He is wonderful.

Female Speaker: Oh, great. And can I just get you to do a big smile for me, just so we can see how it looks? There you go. Very nice. All right, thank you, Evelyn.

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