The Many Advantages of Getting Mini-Dental Implants

A Full Smile with Four Implants

The All-on-Four system was developed for patients missing multiple teeth. The dentist drills into four areas along the jawbone and installs the same number of titanium implants. All-on-Four is a less invasive way of giving patients new and permanent teeth instead of placing an implant for each tooth that needs to be replaced.

All-on-Fours give patients a flexible and stable prosthesis even if there is not enough bone to support the jaw, eliminating the need for invasive and costly bone grafting. This is why more patients are qualified for All-on-Four implant placement. The system is also ideal for older patients with several missing teeth and low jawbone density.

Other advantages:

• The All-on-Four procedure is less complicated and less painful compared to conventional implant placement and bone grafting.
• Four titanium implants provide sufficient support for permanent dentures.
• The system has a high success rate, about 98%.
• When performed by an experienced implant dentist, the procedure takes only one to two hours.
• Pain and discomfort are minimal to zero.

Before this treatment plan was developed, patients had to choose between multiple dental implants or removable dentures. Traditional dental implants required more than just four or eight implant sites, meaning that you need to have a strong and healthy jawbone to be a suitable candidate. Otherwise, the number of implants that can be placed is limited and may not be enough to restore full function.

In such cases, patients had to undergo bone graft surgery that prolongs the process. Bone grafting is costly, invasive, requires a series of surgeries and several trips to the dentist. Patients who opt out get removable dentures instead. Modern dentures look nothing like false teeth, but they’re still not as durable or effective as dental implants. Dentures can also be uncomfortable and restrictive.

All-on-Fours provide a middle ground for patients who want permanent teeth but have areas of thin bone in the jaw. Learn more about this revolutionary replacement for missing teeth by calling your Santa Cruz implant dentist at 831-706-2081.

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