Renea – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

This is a good place to come if you have dental anxiety.

I had complete dental anxiety so I pretty much neglected my teeth most of my adult life. I had a really bad experience as a child and it was a huge deal for me to come to a dentist, it was a big obstacle for me to get past in my life. I just went in with blind faith that it would all work out and I’m so happy I did.

One of my problems was I had kind of a claustrophobic feeling in the dental chair and I felt like Dr. Matiasevich really respected that initially when I told him that. He explained everything, he was very patient to explain everything, and he gave me my options so I had choices. I spent time talking to my husband about it and then we came back and asked more questions. In all of that he made me feel very confident in him.

What helped me, because I don’t really know what was different because I hadn’t tried with anybody else, but I first met Beth and she just kind of held my hand and then I met Dr. Bob. They were very patient and understanding of my situation. I still had anxiety the first quite a few times I came here, I’d still get that old feeling, but with time because I think they were so patient with me and kind of talked me through everything. Somebody was always with me; I know this sounds really ridiculous and irrational but it was where I was at.

With every visit I just gradually felt more comfortable, I felt I was somewhere where they knew what they were doing, they were safe for me and I think that’s one way you get over fears is baby steps. There was a day when I walked in this room and was like I can walk in here and I’ve got that old feeling, but the whole staff has been wonderful to me. One thing that helped me here which is that I have to say I’ve never waited. If I have an appointment I am in and that was big because 5 to 10 minutes waiting could get me pretty worked up and I really appreciate that.

I don’t know how really to help someone do it, they just have to do it, but this is a good place to come if you have dental anxiety. I feel very fortunate that I found this team of people to help me get through it.

I’m completely happy with everything. I’ve had zero problems with any of the procedures; it’s all gone along just as they laid out and said it would. I’m happy with it all.

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