Bob – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I’ve been coming here since probably about 1973.

I’ve been coming here since probably about 1973 and I essentially transferred from Bob Senior to Bob Junior without any blip at all and was pleased to find out that Bob Junior was at least as good as his dad, if not better as a dentist. He had the advantage actually of bringing with him I think the latest work in dentistry because he was new out of school. The office kept its same demeanor and professionalism that it always had so rather than worrying that, “Oh my God, I’ve got the junior,” I turned out to be very pleased and it was fortunate that he was here.

My experience here is that I’ve never had any reason to be fearful so why would you have when you come in, and secondly I think it’s probably just the way the office is even set up, so if you go to some dentists they have these big orgasmic chairs with all the tubes and everything. When you come here, you’re on a chaise lounge and you see none of the equipment. I don’t know if Dr. Matiasevich does it on purpose or it just works out, but he keeps all the equipment behind you so it’s not one of these things where you’re sitting there for ten minutes staring at this gigantic needle that they’re going to put in you, which would cause you to have anxiety. He just comes in from behind and it’s done.

I must say I think the other thing is that I never know with Bob Junior how many other people he’s working on. There may be somebody else, I never know, but you never have the feeling like when I originally came here and went to a dentist and I knew there were other people and he had me sitting there with my mouth open while he rushed over somewhere else and drilled somebody else and then came back to me. If that happens here I’m totally unaware of it. I see myself while I’m sitting in there as his main focus.

The teeth cleaning, she’s very thorough and she also pays attention to my general gum health and the health of my teeth so it’s a rather positive atmosphere as they give me suggestions as to how I ought to do things better. At one level they’re particularly good and that is occasionally the insurance company is hesitant about paying their share, and the way it works here they follow up.

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