Advantages of Permanent Dentures

A Patient’s Guide to Santa Cruz Dentists

Maintaining optimum oral health is a goal everyone hopes to achieve. Despite a conscious effort to take care of teeth, fear of the dentist or dental work may hold you back from regular appointments and routine procedures. Not seeing your dentist on a regular basis can be dangerous and lead to the development of problems that may be irreversible. If you have a dental phobia, it might be time to look for Santa Cruz dentists who offer sedation dentistry solutions.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation is a dental technique used to create a relaxed and comfortable experience for those with extreme fear of the dentist. This is possible by means of IV administration or through an oral pill. It is becoming a common alternative to the traditional inhalation of nitrous oxide or laughing gas because it’s almost as if patients breeze through the visit. Note that you will be awake throughout the procedure, but will feel sleepy because of the sedative’s effects.

Although safe in every aspect, it is important to look for Santa Cruz dentists who have the proper certification to administer such procedures. Only qualified practitioners have the training and equipment to carry out treatments successfully.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to getting a procedure done while under sedation. One of the biggest benefits is you will feel like the procedure lasts only a few moments as opposed to the actual amount of time. You will feel comfortable for the duration of the treatment and experience no pain at all. Sedation dentistry will also eliminate the negative smells, sounds, and tastes normally associated with difficult procedures. It is especially ideal for complex treatments like extensive smile makeovers or restorative procedures.

Look for dentists in Santa Cruz offering this procedure if you are hesitant to make visits because of extreme fear. It is a safe and practical solution that will help ensure you will see the dentist regularly to get the care you need.

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