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Advantages of Abutments: How these Prosthetics are the Best Alternatives

Dental implants are the answer to tooth loss, but few people realize these abutments solve more dental problems than they let on. The prosthetics are so well made that in certain aspects they’re even better than your natural ones. When done right, you can experience these additional advantages:

Natural-Looking Smiles

The biggest advantage to dental implants is the way they can look natural. In fact, you can request for a few minute imperfections to avoid that unsightly ‘Chiclet’ look. Some clients even request for small chips around the teeth, and a darker hue to mimic how their natural teeth looked like. With us, smiles aren’t just beautiful, they’re natural too.

Perpetually White Teeth

One advantage abutments have over natural teeth is the porcelain make. It would take years and really bad oral habits to permanently stain dental implants. If you have dental implants, you won’t ever have to spend money on teeth whitening products and treatments for a long time. Abutments are made with different layers, giving them additional protection and extended whiteness.

Sturdy and Durable

Implants aren’t better than natural teeth when it comes to bite strength. Despite this fact, abutments may permit older patients on soft diets to enjoy solid food again. Some dental implants and prosthetics are made with durable ceramic material that can withstand some situations even your natural teeth can’t. It will take a lot to damage porcelain than the natural enamel.

Of course, however well we make these implants, there’s nothing compared to a smile filled with natural teeth. Regular visits to your dentist and undergoing procedures as needed will keep your natural teeth intact for as long as possible. If you think the only solution to your dental dilemma is implants, don’t hesitate to set an appointment. With the help of Dr. Matiasevich, we can restore your teeth and help you smile with confidence.

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