All-on-4: Dental Implants in One Day

All-on-4: Dental Implants in One Day

All-on-4 is a treatment developed by Nobel Biocare for replacing missing teeth. The treatment is called All-on-4 because it makes use of only four dental implants to secure a full set of replacement teeth for your upper or lower jaw. It has several advantages over dentures and regular implants, making it a great choice if you want replacement teeth that are fully-functional and natural-looking.

Advantages over Dentures

Dentures may be uncomfortable to wear, especially when they do not fit properly. They may fall off when you’re speaking with someone, and that can be embarrassing. Eating may be less enjoyable with dentures, too. Moreover, depending on your dentures, other people may know that your teeth are false. With All-on-4, you do not need to worry about any of these. All-on-4 replacement teeth are fixed. Also, they provide an uncovered upper palate and a stable biet force for pleasurable eating. The replacement teeth look like natural teeth, too.

Advantages over Regular Implants

Dental implant surgery takes several visits to the dentist and many months to complete. It is also quite expensive. On the other hand, it takes only one day to place All-on-4 replacement teeth. That’s why they’re also called “Teeth in a Day.” Fewer visits to your dentist mean fewer dollars spent. In addition, because only four titanium implants are used, the treatment is less expensive. Also, in most cases, the need for bone grafting, which is a costly procedure, is eliminated, so you save money.

Other Benefits

You only feel minimal pain with an All-on-4 treatment. Your recovery is also fast. In fact, you may able to return to your normal routine the day after your treatment. Success rate for the treatment is also high according to research.

Not all dentists can perform All-on-4 treatment. For your safety, make sure that you visit a dentist that is certified to perform the procedure. Dr. Matiasevich is a Santa Cruz dentist who has who has the right training and experience to perform All-on-4 treatment. Schedule an appointment by calling 831-440-7577 today!

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