All-on-Four Teeth

All-on-Four Teeth

Advancements in technology have helped dental procedures become more efficient and accessible to a lot of patients. Moreover, they have expanded the number of options available to patients, and have enabled them to decide which option best suits their needs and lifestyle.

All-on-Four teeth are one of the options that have been made available by technological developments. It’s an implant treatment wherein four metal posts are inserted into the gums and jaw bone, which are meant to support a full set of dental prosthesis for one jaw. This is a cost efficient service as opposed to having one dental implant inserted for each missing tooth.

It’s ideal for those who don’t have enough bone density in the jaw area to support more than four dental implants, but wish to have permanent tooth replacements just the same. The same goes for those who don’t have enough bone mass but aren’t in a good enough physical condition to undergo bone grafts.

All-on-Four teeth are also quicker, since it can be completed with just one dental appointment and with minimal recovery time. Regular dental implants, on the other hand, require multiple surgeries and lengthy recovery periods in between. Patients who get all-on-four teeth can resume working and other day-to-day tasks one or two days after surgery.

Moreover, a Santa Cruz implant dentist can produce dental crowns and prosthesis in an hour or less using CT scans and software designed specifically for this purpose. This can be done prior to implant surgery, hence enabling the Santa Cruz dentist to place the prosthesis over your metal posts within the same session.

All-on-Four teeth are a great option for patients who want permanent tooth replacements but want to maximize their time and money. It also provides an alternative solution for those who don’t qualify for regular dental implants.

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