All Your Care In One Office – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

All Your Care In One Office

We’re able to provide all your care in one office, in this one location, mainly because of our advanced training. Not only mine, but also my assistants, my hygienists, my front office team. We’ve been trained in all aspects of dentistry. We have the technology here in the office, whether it’s our CT machine that allows us to gather all the diagnostic information we need to the regular x-rays to the lab work to actually delivering the care, we can do it all here. We don’t have to refer people out to other practitioners or other doctors around down.

It’s really nice because people really enjoy being able to come to the same place, see the same faces, talk to the same doctor with all your care in one office. Whether you’re having some gum surgery or you’re having a tooth fixed or a filling, you’re getting the same person over and over again and people feel more comfortable. You start building a better relationship that way, rather than having one person do this aspect, another person doing another aspect and not knowing who’s in charge of what, who the quarterback is.

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