Are Pediatric Dentists Worth the Trouble?

Are Pediatric Dentists Worth the Trouble?

Most children fear going to the dentist. Fortunately, very few kids actually have dental phobia. Most of them are simply intimidated by the ambiance and find dental treatments and dental hygiene uncomfortable. Whether your kids don’t enjoy brushing their teeth or may require sedation dentists, it helps if you bring them to a pediatric expert.

You may be wondering if a pediatric dentist is worth it. It may be enough to send them to your family or general dentist. While this is true, below are some reasons these specialists are best for your kids:

They have special training.

Dentists hoping to focus on young patients are required two to three more years of study. Not only are they educated to perform treatment on smaller, less developed mouths, they’re also educated in child psychology. They’re actually trained to make oral health appealing to kids.

They have special facilities.

Children can sense if they’re going to enjoy a place the moment they walk through the door. Pediatric dentists understand this and have well-equipped waiting rooms and engaging examination rooms to ease your kid’s nerves and distract them from discomfort and pain.

They have special methods.

As part of their training, pediatric dentists learn the right way to teach children how to brush their teeth properly. They can even be effective in instructing kids to prevent tooth decay. They are well versed in communicating just how important brushing and flossing is to impressionable minds.

They have specialties.

They do more than teach kids not to eat too much sugar. They are also more than colorful waiting rooms and toothpaste tubes with cartoon characters on them. Pediatric dentists are the best people to come to especially if your child has a special dental condition. They can also follow your child until adolescence.

If medical decisions concern your children, it’s always best to find a professional trained specifically for their age group. As a trusted Santa Cruz pediatric dentist, Dr. Matiasevich can do more than teach your child how to brush their teeth properly. Find a dentist with enough experience and expertise to work with your children.

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