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How Safe is Intravenous Sedation?

For patients with dental anxiety, treatments are made possible with the aid of sedation, either administered through nitrous oxide laughing gas (inhalation), a sedative pill (oral) or through the veins (intravenous). But what happens if the patient is afraid of sedation itself or potential side effects from it? How can an extremely fearful patient who [...]

How Safe is Intravenous Sedation?2014-04-01T10:11:49-07:00

What Wrong Tooth Brushing Can Do to Your Gums

It’s something that everybody knows all too well – you’ve got to brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to maintain decay-free teeth and healthy gums. But apparently, basically just like everything else that we do, there’s a correct way to do it and not doing so can actually damage the gum [...]

What Wrong Tooth Brushing Can Do to Your Gums2014-03-25T07:01:46-07:00

Making Life with Dentures Better using Mini-Implants

Regardless of how well-fitting removable dentures can be, wearing dentures is not something that people look forward to as they age. For those who have experienced wearing removable partial dentures, they often get a renewed appreciation for their natural teeth and would even switch to having a fixed bridge just to rid themselves of the [...]

Making Life with Dentures Better using Mini-Implants2014-03-22T07:00:48-07:00

All-on-Four: Fast Replacement for Missing Teeth

Want to replace your missing teeth but don’t really want to wait for months to get them? Are dentures too much of a hassle for you and you would like something that’s more of a permanent solution? Ask your Santa Cruz implant dentist about All-on-Four dental implants today! What Is All-on-4? All-on-Four is a revolutionary [...]

All-on-Four: Fast Replacement for Missing Teeth2014-03-14T09:37:53-07:00

Sedatives Used in Sedation Dentistry

Have you been skipping your dental appointments with your Santa Cruz dentist? If your reasons for not going include irrational fears and unexplainable anxiety attacks, then it might be time for you to ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses different types of sedatives to help calm a patient who cannot undergo dental [...]

Sedatives Used in Sedation Dentistry2014-03-11T09:19:52-07:00

Important Things to Know About Dental Implants

Are you thinking of getting dental implants to finally regain your missing teeth? Before you go to see your dentist, here are some important things you need to know about dental implants. These will help you feel more at ease once you decide to proceed with the treatment. Dental Implants are Tooth Root Replacements Basically, [...]

Important Things to Know About Dental Implants2014-03-07T09:16:40-08:00
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