Making Life with Dentures Better using Mini-Implants

Making Life with Dentures Better using Mini-Implants

Regardless of how well-fitting removable dentures can be, wearing dentures is not something that people look forward to as they age. For those who have experienced wearing removable partial dentures, they often get a renewed appreciation for their natural teeth and would even switch to having a fixed bridge just to rid themselves of the discomfort of having to live with an artificial dental piece inside their mouth.

Although more tooth loss can be prevented, aging could not be avoided. For those folks who for whatever reason could not avoid becoming edentulous or totally without teeth in either or both arches, they don’t have to live with discomfort and the accompanying worries and insecurity over slipping dentures. Removable dentures can now be stabilized by mini-dental implants to make implant-retained dentures.

Mini-dental implants are miniature titanium posts that act like teeth roots after they are surgically placed beneath the gums and into the jawbone. The ball-shaped head of the implant fits perfectly into the socket of the retaining fixture attached to the base of the denture, holding the denture securely in place to let the patient eat, speak and smile confidently. Four implants are non-invasively and painlessly screwed into the ridge of the upper of lower jaw to support the dentures.

Even patients who were previously turned down for standard-sized dental implants because of their low bone density can instead benefit from mini-implant treatment that only requires careful planning and precision in order to place the implants in the position where they could sufficiently fuse with the available bone. And since they are smaller, mini-implants would necessitate only a tiny incision for inserting the posts, which would translate to less bleeding and stitches during the actual procedure and little pain and discomfort in the recovery phase.

At Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich’s clinic in California, mini-implant procedures are even made more comfortable with intravenous sedation. Call 831-440-7577 to enjoy the benefits of implant-retained dentures from your Santa Cruz dentist.

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