Bone Loss & Dental Implants – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Bone Loss & Dental Implants

For those patients that have come in, and they come in for a consultation because they’ve been elsewhere and they’ve been told they don’t have enough bone for dental implants, the first thing we generally do is we have a CT machine in our office which is a three dimensional x-ray that we take of the person. What that allows us to do is find the available bone within their mouth so that we can still do implants.

We have a real high success rate to be able to have this technology right here in the office and be able to translate it within about ten minutes and let the person know whether or not we can put the implants in.

The other thing that we have is we have a lot of continuing education and resources available to us that allow us to go ahead and rebuild bone where we might need it around some of the implants, so that those implants can go in at the same time that we’re putting the bone in. That allows us then to give people things that they’d already been told that no, there’s no way. That’s really exciting, that’s really neat. Especially to see people because they’ll come in and say well I’ve been to three places and they tell me it’s impossible and we’re like no, we can do it all in one day.

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