Broken Tooth and Implant – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Was the process worth the cost? Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean it’s like having your tooth back.

Interviewer: Good. All right, David [SP]. So I wanted to ask you, when you… You were having a little trouble with a tooth a while ago, you came in. What was going on with that tooth of yours?

David: An old restoration completely broke off.

Interviewer: Okay. And how was that feeling when you came in?

David: It was feeling pretty bad. It had been broken for a couple weeks.

Interviewer: Okay. And you had quite an infection going on over there, as well, correct?

David: Yes, I did. Yes.

Interviewer: Okay. Well, did the doctor go over some options with you for replacing it, with some different options?

David: Yeah, he did, and I was a little concerned about the price, but from what he described, it sounded like the implant was the best one, so I went ahead and bit the bullet and went for the implant.

Interviewer: Okay. Well, how was the process of getting the implant done?

David: It wasn’t too bad. There was some healing in between doing different things, so there was some waiting, I kind of wished it had been done all at once, but that’s normal.

Interviewer: Okay, good. Are you glad that you chose to get the implant?

David: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It was like replacing my tooth, essentially, and now it’s like it never was missing.

Interviewer: Yeah.

David: So when I look back on the options, it’s like that was really the only option, was to do what I did.

Interviewer: Okay, good. So you think the price was worth it, then?

David: Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean it’s like having your tooth back.

Interviewer: All right, awesome. So would you recommend this to somebody else if they were missing a tooth, then?

David: Yeah, I’m afraid…just, you could look at the options, maybe talk to other people, what they’ve had done, but replacing a tooth is really replacing the tooth, and you’re all done with it.

Interviewer: Yeah. All right, well, thank you.

David: Okay.

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