Busy Schedule? Teeth-in-an-Hour May Help

Busy Schedule? Teeth-in-an-Hour May Help

Caring for your teeth takes more than regular brushing and flossing to keep them in good condition. You need to be committed and diligent if you want to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Although everyone knows how important proper oral care is, some people seem to be finding ways to excuse themselves from their dental appointments.

With busy schedules and other matters to worry about, how could you possibly fit an appointment into your day? This is where we step in to help. As premier providers of quality dental care, we’re among those offering teeth-in-an-hour solution to restore smiles without disrupting your busy schedules.

Get a New Smile in No Time

Teeth-in-an-hour eliminates the need of waiting for months to replace missing teeth. The treatment is a cost-effective solution for missing teeth or loose dentures, be it mini-dental implants or standard restorations. It also takes away the worries of having painful surgeries over many months, as you may get results in just one visit.

What’s great about this treatment is you may experience highly advanced procedures for your teeth. Teeth-in-an-hour uses a CT scan and virtual reality software for your treatment. Dr. Matiasevich uses these tools to fabricate your restorations before performing the surgery. This gives way to more accurate and well-fitted replacements for your teeth, eliminating the need for clay-molded impressions.

Experience Comfort and Convenience

Teeth-in-an-hour is also helpful in maintaining overall comfort and convenience. With this new solution, you may walk out the door with new teeth. You don’t need to wear temporary dentures or crowns while waiting for your new teeth. The treatment is also minimally invasive and has little to no side effects—Dr. Matiasevich follows a surgical plan with no stitches under local anesthetic. This helps you go back to your normal routine right after your visit.

Smile with the Right Solution

Delaying your dental visits may only do more harm than good to your oral health, especially if you have a bad case of loose dentures or broken crowns. Set an appointment with our office to find out how we may help restore the beauty of your smile through a convenient schedule.

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