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Crown Testimonials

The following reviews are from patients who received crowns from Santa Cruz dentist, Robert Matiasevich Jr.

Happy Patient for 30 Years

Everybody here is very professional and very good at what they do. […]

Happy Patient for 30 Years2016-02-14T15:24:14-08:00

Emergency Santa Cruz Dental Treatment

You expedited the crown, which normally would have taken two weeks. Got it for me in a week. I’m very pleased. […]

Emergency Santa Cruz Dental Treatment2016-02-23T18:25:14-08:00


"I went to 3 dentists in Santa Cruz before finding Dr. Bob. My previous dental experiences were a nightmare. Dr. Bob performed two root canals, and I was amazed at how (dare I say...) pleasant the experience was. Not at all what I expected after the typical root canal horror stories I've heard. After years [...]



"Staff are always warm and pleasant. Great job getting me in promptly in a time that worked with my schedule to attend to a crown that had come off." -Susan

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