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Implant Testimonials

Dental implant reviews by patients of Santa Cruz dentist, Robert Matiasevich Jr. DDS.

Dental Implant & Bridge

Would you recommend implants to someone else for a missing tooth? Yes. It is not painful and they are very comfortable. […]

Dental Implant & Bridge2016-02-23T17:50:13-08:00

Skateboard Accident Causes Loss of Front Tooth

Aaron lost his front tooth in an accident, but now he’s excited to have an implant to replace it. How does it feel to have a tooth again? It’s exciting. It looks great. It feels great. […]

Skateboard Accident Causes Loss of Front Tooth2016-02-23T18:22:43-08:00

Full mouth reconstruction

Dr. Matiasevich is very friendly, with an excellent staff and state of the art technology. […]

Full mouth reconstruction2016-02-23T18:28:55-08:00

Ray’s Dental Implant

I’m really happy with how it turned out…Dr. Bob did such a good job. I would highly recommend him to anyone else who has to have this procedure. […]

Ray’s Dental Implant2016-02-23T18:35:59-08:00
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