I Couldn’t Wait to Get Started – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

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I couldn’t wait to get started.

Interviewer: All right, so Linda you have been coming here for a while and I want to ask you, how did you feel about your mouth when you first came here?

Linda: Well, I needed a lot of work and I finally decided it was time to do the implants.

Interviewer: Okay, and when Dr. Bob sat down and talked with you, did he go over different options with you? Did you feel comfortable with what he was telling you?

Linda: Yes, then I had to collect some of my money together so I could start. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Interviewer: Yeah. How was the whole process? Were you comfortable?

Linda: It was very good. I mean like, I got into the office the day they were gonna pull out my top teeth, and by the time I got in the chair, I remember taking another pill, and I really don’t remember anything until I was home in bed.

Interviewer: I was gonna say you were here for a couple of hours, and I know the next day you were saying. “Oh, I felt like I was just there for a little bit.” All right, well now that everything’s all done, you got your nice beautiful smile there. How do you feel about your mouth?

Linda: I like it. I’m getting a lot of nice compliments.

Interviewer: Oh, good.

Linda: I like it. And I’m sending you some referrals. Like one guy, Steve, he commented on my teeth one day. We were just talking and he said how beautiful they were, and I told him that they were implants, and anyways, he has a few problems with his teeth and everything, a few missing out of the front and stuff, and I told him because I know he can afford it. I told him, “You gotta see Dr. Bob and you get your teeth fixed and get some implants.”

Interviewer: Yeah. That’s what I was gonna ask you if you would recommend Dr. Bob to somebody else, and it sounds like you would. Well great. Well, we were so glad that we had you. Thank you, Linda.


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