Denture cream

Dangerous Denture Cream

Denture cream.  A phrase many people don’t even like to say, let alone admit they use.  However, if you are one of the millions of people using denture creams, you’re already aware they taste bad, smell bad and are generally messy.  I have never had a patient tell me they like to use denture cream.  Those reasons alone are more than enough for many patients to say “I’ve had it!” and to get their dental implant treatment done using my unique methods of dentistry.

Now, you can add one more reason to say goodbye to denture cream and gain secure, comfortable, beautiful teeth that help preserve your facial bone using dental implants.

Toxic denture cream…..

A recent scientific report in a medical journal (Neurology June 2008) found several patients in which zinc poisoning was a result of their denture cream.  Neurology is the study of the body’s electrical system (the nervous system).  While it’s technically pretty complicated and there is more research to be done on this topic.

As these patients found, even minor changes in the amount of electrical particles (ions) that operate the human electrical system can have disastrous results.

What were the symptoms?

Some of the symptoms in the studied patients wearing denture cream included:

  • Numbness and weakness in the arms and legs resulting in wheelchair dependence.
  • Urinary tract infection (bladder infection)
  • Mental cognitive decline
  • Hand weakness and numbness
  • Poor balance
  • Progressive numbness
  • Loss of sense of vibration
  • Poor muscular coordination

It should be noted these were patients in their 40’s and not long- term adhesive wearers!

If you’ve been putting off getting rid of the denture cream, this truly is one of the most profound reasons to find a way to make your implants happen.  If you have questions or want solutions to this messy problem don’t hesitate to call the office and set up a consultation.

I’d love to be the first person to shake your hand (or even give you a hug!) when we finish your care.

To your health,

Dr. Bob

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