David – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I’m real happy….I would tell anybody…that you can’t lose on this investment for life.

My mother had been a patient of Dr. Matiasevich’s for many years and his father also, and she really can’t actually see very well, she’s legally blind but my sister gave her a clue that I was having some teeth problems for quite some times, I had missing teeth. She mentioned something to me about it and I said I’m going to be fine mom, everything’s fine, and she said no, no, no, you only have one smile and one life and she suggested coming to Dr. Bob and I did and it’s really changed everything.

If I was to meet somebody new or something I’d find myself trying to keep my mouth shut because I had gaps in my teeth. I was really aware of the way that I looked to other people; you look at yourself in the mirror every morning when you brush your teeth, whether you have teeth or not, and I was really self conscious about that. This has changed that whole thing and given me new self confidence.

Everything has been on the plus side, there haven’t been any complications. Chewing is better, I look better; all way around it’s a win-win situation.

I was expecting it to be painful since I was having implants but it’s nothing like what I imagined it to be. It’s just like going to a regular dentist’s visit.

I’m going to be 58 years old this year. These teeth will be in my mouth for the rest of my life, and I’m expecting to live a long life. Also just eating, it’s a noticeable difference on eating, the way I can chew and get my food down. It makes a big difference. Everything’s kind of changed, it all interacts, the way people perceive me, that’s a big factor because the first time you see somebody, you kind of think that you shouldn’t judge them but you can, it’s just natural. Somebody who’s kind of ugly looking you don’t really want to look at them too long. I think I’ve made big strides in my physical appearance.

It’s incredibly different meeting somebody new for the first time, having the confidence to smile at them and not have to keep your mouth shut. It becomes readily apparent when you’re with somebody else that if you’re not smiling something is wrong so that’s a big factor there. But also eating and everything, anything you do with your mouth, if you haven’t got proper teeth it’s going to make life difficult.

This is the result, it works. I’m real happy, absolutely. I would tell anybody the same thing that you can’t lose on this investment for life. Life’s short, enjoy it and get the most out of it.

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