David’s Implant Procedure

It went really well, and the next day, no pain or anything.

Interviewer: David, we placed an implant for you about a month ago now and you’re back for your post-operative check up. Everything looks great today. And I know you were a little bit nervous and hesitant about having that done. Tell me, how’d the procedure go and what do you think about it?

David: Everything went great. Obviously I don’t like, people…like most people, going to the dentist, it’s kind of scary. But it went really well. And the next day, no pain or anything, which I was kind of surprised. I suspected it would be sore for a number of days and all. And everything went great. I’m brushing my teeth and eating and doing everything normal. So it’s been really a good thing.

Interviewer: Great. Well, thank you.

David: You bet.

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