Mini Dental Implants – Giving Hope to Millions

Debunking Common Myths about Mini-Dental Implants

Mini-dental implants are ideal solutions for patients with weak jaw bone structures. These implants are smaller in size, easier to insert, and have shorter recovery time compared to regular dental implants. The procedure has several benefits. Many people, however, avoid receiving implants because of the wrong information they have heard from different sources. Here are some of the most common myths regarding the dental treatment:

Mini-Dental Implant Surgery is Too Expensive

Mini-dental implant surgery is cost-effective. This procedure is more affordable than regular surgical implants. Considering long-term costs, having mini implants are much less expensive compared to bridge. Bridge needs to be replaced every seven to 15 years, while mini-implants are semi-permanent. You may also want to look into dental insurance as it may be a good way to cut down cost of mini denture implants.

Mini-Dental Implant Surgery is Extremely Painful

Dentists perform mini-dental implant surgery under anesthesia. One injection is enough for the person to feel numb. Unlike full size implants, mini-implants are usually placed without making an opening in the gum. Dentists may not need incisions or sutures. Patients may have a solid implant on the same day. Your mini-implants will feel stable and secure, though, there may be mild discomfort. There may also be an inconvenience when chewing, but may be minimized if you’re careful.

Mini-Dental Implant Surgery Takes a Long Time

The procedure of installing mini-implants may take about one ½ to two hours. A regular dental implant placement, however, may typically cover four to 16 weeks. You may have to wait for a short period to let your body adapt to the implants. Unlike the regular implant surgery, mini implants only have a single-stage installation process. With just one visit to your dentist, you may have your mini-implants installed.

Choose the right Santa Cruz dental group before going through this dental procedure. A reliable dental group provides a painless and semi-permanent way to restore your smile. Set an appointment with us to learn more about mini-implant surgery.

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