Dental Implant Crown – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

It really is great. I’m really happy I did it.

Woman: All right, Joel, so you were in for a cleaning a while ago, correct?

Joel: Right.

Woman: And the hygienist said she noticed something on your tooth.

Joel: Some decay.

Woman: Okay. What happened from there?

Joel: Well, then I just went and talked to [inaudible 00:00:15] and discussed the implant and decided to go with it, and everything went smoothly after that. It took a while, though.

Woman: Okay. Well, I remember when the tooth came out, he did put some bone graft in there, correct, to preserve the bone around it.

Joel: Yeah, I remember that.

Woman: Okay. Well, I was about to say, after that was all done, was it uncomfortable or anything while it was healing?

Joel: No, not at all, not at all. It was really good.

Woman: Okay. Yeah, obviously, if you don’t remember it.

Joel: Right.

Woman: All right, good. So it was a little bit of a wait, but you do have the implant now.

Joel: Right.

Woman: Do you feel a big difference?

Joel: No, it feels great. It really feels great.

Woman: Okay, good. And what would you say the worst part of not having your tooth there was?

Joel: You know, very quickly, I just got used to it and it was really no problem at all.

Woman: Okay. Okay, good. So just while everything was healing, no problems, other than the fact that you couldn’t chew over there, right?

Joel: Right, right.

Woman: All right, good. And with the new tooth, nice and smooth?

Joel: Oh, absolutely.

Woman: Feels good?

Joel: Yeah, it feels great.

Woman: All right. So would you recommend an implant to somebody who’s missing a tooth?

Joel: Oh yeah, absolutely. Gosh, it’s just…it’s great.

Woman: Okay. Are you glad you went that way instead of getting a partial or something?

Joel: Well, I don’t think a partial was in the cards, was it? I’m not sure.

Woman: Well, it could have been, but I don’t think it would have been as comfortable.

Joel: All right. No, it’s great. It really is great. I’m really happy I did it.

Woman: All right. Okay, good. Thanks.

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