Dental Implant Warranty – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Dental Implant Warranty

We warranty all our work here so if there’s a problem with a dental implant, if it fails or something goes wrong with the implant we will usually remove the implant and put in a new one at no charge, that’s our dental implant warranty.

There are some limitations to the dental implant warranty, like we expect you to come in every six months to have your teeth cleaned so that we can follow it. We’re not going to have you just come in to have an implant placed and have you disappear for 15 years, in that case, you do have to change the oil like if it was a car or something like that.

We have so few failures that we don’t mind going ahead and offering our dental implant warranty that way. We know it’s going to work and if by chance you happen to be one of those people where it didn’t work well we’re going to fix it for you and we’re going to make it right. The goal is to get you your teeth. A lot of people start to think about how many implants are you going to use? Why do I need two implants or three implants? This doctor told me four implants. It’s really not about the implants, it’s really about the teeth and that’s what I usually ask people; what do they want the implants to do for them? Generally well I want to chew again, okay, well then you’re going to need this many implants.

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