Dental Implants to hold dentures – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Now that you have implants does food taste better? Definitely

Interviewer: All right, so Ken, before you came in to us you had a big denture up on the top, correct?

Ken: That’s correct.

Interviewer: How did that thing fit?

Ken: Oh, it was loose even when I was using the cement.

Interviewer: Oh okay. When you were eating what would happen to it?

Ken: The cement, it would come out.

Interviewer: Okay, yeah, we can’t have that. So, we did some implants for you on the top, correct, and your denture clicks in to them? How has it been? Has it been a lot different, how it fits?

Ken: Oh, absolutely. No, they’re pretty tight.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. You were telling me earlier that you can actually taste your food better now?

Ken: Very definitely.

Interviewer: All right, and any comments? Has anybody said anything about how they look?

Ken: Oh, everybody does.

Interviewer: All right, good. Gotta give a big smile now to the camera. There ya go. All right, great. So would you recommend other people who have dentures maybe thinking about getting implants to keep them in?

Ken: Definitely, very definitely. I have, yes.

Interviewer: All right, great. Thanks, Ken.

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