Dental Implants with Bone Grafting – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

It’s life changing. It makes a big difference.

Interviewer: Good morning, Dave. So we did a lot of work for you. We did a lot of implants and crowns. Can you tell me exactly how were your teeth before coming in here?

Dave: They were really bad. They were loose, and it was missing several teeth in the front, in the back, everywhere. I didn’t feel very confident, didn’t like to smile, and now it’s a lot different.

Interviewer: Good. Did you have any worries or any concerns about the whole treatment that you had?

Dave: At first I did because I didn’t know anything about it, but when I came in here I was really assured that it was going to be done properly by Dr. Bob, and I felt really good as we were going along. I didn’t really ever feel any pain at all, so it was really a good experience.

Interviewer: So the process was very good throughout the whole time?

Dave: Oh yeah, yeah, and they kept me informed of everything that was going on, so I felt really good about the whole thing.

Interviewer: Good. So would you recommend this treatment to other patients?

Dave: Absolutely. It’s life changing. It makes a big difference, got a new girlfriend.

Interviewer: Very good, Dave. Thank you so much.

Dave: All right.

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