Dentures Review

Dr. Matiasevich spent a good half hour with me going over all the different dentures, implants, and what I wanted…in the end he did a fantastic job. The dentures look very natural, which made me feel more confident.

Interviewer: All right, Jasmine. So we took your wisdom teeth out, correct?

Jasmine: Yes.

Interviewer: And, beforehand, you decided you wanted to go ahead and take a pill, so you could try oral conscious sedation. How did everything go? Were you nervous beforehand?

Jasmine: I was not really nervous. I just got nervous because my friends were telling me it was a little scary, but it wasn’t. I barely saw…I didn’t really feel anything actually. And I didn’t hear anything weird, any cracking noises, or anything scary, nothing.

Interviewer: Okay, good. And the doctor got you real nice, and you didn’t feel anything while we’re working?

Jasmine: Yeah, I really liked how it was really quick for my mouth to get numb. And so that was nice.

Interviewer: Okay, and that day, did you just relax at home?

Jasmine: Yeah, I just relaxed. I didn’t even need a lot of the pain medicine that I was prescribed. So it was a really easy recovery. And a lot of people were actually surprised that it was so quick and painless for me.

Interviewer: Okay, then you went right back to work the next day, right?

Jasmine: I went back the…I took a day off, because I was tired.

Interviewer: You took a day off, but you could have gone to work if you needed to.

Jasmine: No, I could have.

Interviewer: Okay.

Jasmine: I was a little swollen just from one side.

Interviewer: All right, perfect. Thank you, Jasmine.

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