Barbara – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

Dr. Matiasevich is just a superbly kind human being

I started coming to Dr. Matiasevich when his father was the dentist, it was his office. My daughter was in kindergarten and she’s now 42, so 37 years I’ve been coming to this office. I was referred by a neighbor who worked in a dental hygiene program and I just asked her to recommend a dentist and so Dr. Bob was very high on her list because he volunteered a lot with the dental hygiene patients. I was obviously very pleased with the care that I got, and when he retired I just switched over to young Dr. Bob.

I’ve had about every dental thing known to mankind done to my teeth. My mother had rheumatic fever when she was pregnant with me and I guess that can drastically effect the dental development of the baby, so I’ve had root canals, I’ve had bridges, I just had implant surgery a year and a half ago; all kinds of stuff.

My confidence in my dental implant is, well I’m a retired teacher, I would definitely say it’s at the A level. I don’t have any doubts about it, the process was pain-free and I feel more confident with the implants in my mouth than I did with my tippy bridge that I used to have.

I think implants are probably stronger than your original teeth, kind of like when an athlete breaks a bone, you know they say that that reconstructed leg is probably stronger than his leg was before. I don’t doubt them.

When I had the implant surgery which is very expensive but not as expensive as other places I’ve heard now, I had just retired from the second time from the university and so I had a big chunk of unused sick leave and unused vacation time that gave me a little extra in the account so I didn’t have any problem paying for it at that time. Melissa is just wonderful about making accommodations for you if you need them; they have financial plans available, they give you a nice discount if you pay cash. Thus far, now I’m retired again and I’m on a fixed income, next time they might have to give me a plan but I don’t know.

Dr. Matiasevich is just a superbly kind human being. I went through a divorce after 43 years of marriage a couple of years ago, and when he heard about it he was so sympathetic. He wasn’t my dentist that day, he knew there was something wrong with me when he looked at me, and immediately said what’s going on with you. I told him and I was very emotional and he sent me flowers, he sent me a lovely card, he’s just up there, he’s a good guy.

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