Dr Matiasevich Speaks about his Service Warranty – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Dental Warranty

We have actually a written warranty that we offer to all of our patients. We provide that mainly because we feel confidence in the services we provide. The other reason is because everything is done pretty much in our office. We are not using a lot of different doctors to coordinate a treatment plan,so that the patient’s having maybe this tooth worked on this doctor, then going over to this office to have this other teeth worked on and then coming here for the final product. That makes it hard to sometimes figure out who’s responsible. Well, the buck stops here. I’m responsible for their care, and we talk about this warranty up front. We explain the conditions of the warranty, which generally just amounts to “we want to be able to continue to clean you and check you mouth, like a normal patient afterwards.” So, whether it is one tooth or all the teeth in the person’s mouth that we are talking about, we provide that as a service and a benefit, and we feel confident doing that because of the training we have, that what we are giving to people is a quality product that they can value. Our goal is to have it look good and have it last a long time.

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