Dr. Robert Matiasevich Office Walk-Through – Santa Cruz Dentist

Dr. Robert Matiasevich Office Walk-Through – Santa Cruz, CA Dentist

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Matiasevich and I want to welcome you to my dental office. When you first come into our office you’ll be greeted by my lovely staff, here’s Melissa and this is our waiting room here. We have refreshments, television, some magazines; hopefully you’re not in here too long, we like to see our patients right on time and keep a nice tight schedule going here. So let me show you around.

Once you’ve met my staff upfront we’ll usually bring you back here and give you an office tour, show you around a little bit, let you get to know the facility and then after that we’ll bring you back into the examination room and we’ll get to know you a little bit better. Once that happens the real examination generally starts around the corner here, and let me show you something that we’re really proud of that sets us apart from all the other dental offices in the area.

It’s this machine right here. This is a three-dimensional x-ray machine. It allows us to take pictures of your mouth, generally in about 10 — 15 seconds and shows us the available bone in your mouth so that we can place dental implants. The nice thing about this machine is that most hospitals don’t have this type of technology, and it allows us to find bone for people that have been turned down at other offices for dental implants. It also allows us to do all of your treatment, all the planning for it in virtual reality. This basically saves time and allows us to do your implants in a day, or in some instances teeth in an hour which is really exciting because a lot of people just want to get their teeth and get out of their dentures and get going with life. Let me show you what we do after we take this scan.

I’ll usually bring you back here into this room; this is our consultation room and the two of us will sit down in here and we’ll pull up your scan here and I will begin treatment planning it with you. We’ll talk about your desires, your wants and your long term goals and the two of us will come together for a plan and answer all of your questions. It’s really exciting because of the efficiency that we have and the level of care we’re able to deliver.

If you decide to go forward with treatment then we generally go over here, and let me show you one of our treatment rooms. This is one of our many treatment rooms here at our office. Again, all the dentistry, all the treatment that you would be receiving would all be right here at this location in Santa Cruz, you don’t have to go to many different offices or go to other imaging centers or see other practitioners; everything’s done here. Any dental surgery, any implants, the restorative part; everything’s taken care of right here in this office. We have TVs in the room for your comfort, pillows, blankets, we have headphones with iPods, with every kind of song you could imagine or you can bring your own and we can plug you up right there. Our goal is to make it as friendly as possible and make you as comfortable as possible so that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, so thank you.

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