Dr. Robert Matiasevich’s Galileos 3D CAT Scan

Galileos 3D CAT Dental Scan

Nurse: So, yeah, I’m going to have you just go ahead and step in, turn around facing me, back up just a little bit. So most of this is going to be pretty easy. Most of it is I’m just going to be positioning you and then I want you to stay real still for me as soon as I tell you to, okay?

Patient: Okay.

Nurse: So, right where you see that little ridge I want you to go ahead and bite right there. Come forward. There you go. Perfect. And I’m going to position your arms here. Look straight at me for a moment. Good. And then I want you to go ahead and bring your lips around that like you are sucking on a straw. Good job. All right, so that is all set. So, about 10 to 15 seconds I just want you to stay as still as you can, okay? You are doing a really good job. All right and here we go. Perfect. You are doing really good. Great. Stay right there. That looks real good. We are just about halfway done. Perfect. All right. Good. Stay real still for a sec. Okay, you can go ahead and open, and let go. And you are all done.

Patient: Perfect. That was nice an easy.

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