Effective Anxiety Management with I.V. Sedation

Effective Anxiety Management with I.V. Sedation

It’s hard to imagine how dental procedures can be accomplished today without the help of sedation. A lot of individuals with dental anxiety won’t be able to receive the treatment that they need and would often delay their appointments until their conditions have worsened. Worse, people with dental fears would probably have a tough time at the clinic, as they’ll need to muster their courage in order to have their teeth and gums treated. Thankfully, modern dentistry has adopted the use of sedatives like I.V. sedation, in order to help control dental anxieties and fears.

With intravenous sedation, a dentist can perform treatment without any resistance or interruption since the patient will become relaxed for the forthcoming dental procedure once the sedative drug is injected at the back of the hand or in the arm. Since the medication goes directly into the bloodstream, sedation is instant and fast-acting and the dosage can be easily adjusted or increased as needed.

Depending on whether the drug used was only an anti-anxiety benzodiazepine or a sleep-inducing barbiturate, the patient can either remain conscious and responsive to the dentist’s instructions or fall asleep and become unaware of the procedure. While in either state, pain-killing opioids can be likewise administered intravenously. What results is a stress and anxiety-free time at the clinic for the patient.

If your dental fears are holding you back from visiting your dentist and getting those all-important check-ups and treatments, Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. is the person to go to. He provides safe intravenous sedation at his clinic in California just before your implant procedure or gum treatment. To rule out any potential allergic reaction you might have to sedatives, he will first check your medical history and current health condition before proceeding with sedation and treatment.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, call 831-440-7577 to set a consultation with Dr. Matiasevich right away.

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