Trisha – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I do encourage people to come here to Dr. Matiasevich

I actually was pretty bad about going to the dentist. I had gotten a few cavities when I was younger and I just put that aside, it was like secondary, my teeth. I took it for granted; their strong, I’m young and I waited a long time where I needed some root canals and stuff. Coming here, they just promote good dental hygiene, they encourage and they’re really good.

When I come in they know my name and I don’t have much of a wait and then when I’m sitting there I don’t have to sit in the room and wait for them to take care of my teeth, they promptly do it. They’re all friendly and hey Trisha, how are you doing; I like that because they remember parts of me, like hey what are you doing? Are you still teaching or are you walking dogs? They just know you personally, they know you personally and individually so that’s good.

They talk you through the exam which is nice that you know what’s going to happen next and that’s really good. I didn’t have that before, I would just be frozen in my seat like oh no, what are they going to do! But here they talk you through it, they let you know upfront what your insurance will cover and what I’m going to cover and it’s been pretty good, it’s reasonable.

Some of my clients, I walk dogs, so I do refer them. I tell them yeah, look at my teeth I just had this done and whatever and look at the little packs I go home with, a little toothbrush and all the goodies, it’s like a little parting gift to leave with. So yes, I do encourage people to come here to Dr. Matiasevich.

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