Finally found the right dentist

I had so many problems in the past with my previous dentists, but I have to say from the very beginning…I knew he was the right dentist.

Interviewer: Good morning, Jeremy. So we did a lot of work for you on your front teeth. I understand you had a lot of problems, and you had gone to other dentists, and they were never resolved. Can you let us know exactly how your teeth were before?

Jeremy: Yeah, I’ve had some cosmetic work done, veneers specifically, several years ago. And I had always had problems with them. They would pop…they were never right…I was never…felt really good about them to begin with. And most recent problem involved a surfing incident. I lost a front…actually, crown. And that’s when I came to see Dr. Matiasevich.

Interviewer: Good. And how did he help you?

Jeremy: Really like no other dentist before. He told me exactly what was wrong with the previous work I had done and really laid out actually three different strategies for me to get my confidence back, my smile. And I knew just from that first appointment, that he sort of had the best sense of what I needed to have done.

Interviewer: Did you have any worries or concerns about the treatments, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yeah, obviously, because I’d had so many problems in the past with my previous dentists. But I have to say that from the very…really, from the very beginning, he just made me feel very confident about what…I mean, his confidence made me feel good about what I needed to have done. And I knew that he was the right dentist.

Interviewer: Good. How was the process, the whole treatment itself?

Jeremy: It was a long process, but I just felt great about it the whole time. I was never uncomfortable. I just knew that it would turn out great.

Interviewer: Great, Jeremy. How are your teeth now? Do you like them?

Jeremy: I love my teeth. I’m very happy.

Interviewer: Okay, Jeremy. Thank you so much.

Jeremy: Thank you.

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