Frequent Habits that Damage Your Teeth

Frequent Habits that Damage Your Teeth

Small things you do every day may have a big impact on your teeth. You plan meals and grab drinks without giving much thought about your teeth. You might not realize how your everyday practices may damage your dental health.

Here are some habits that may harm your teeth:

Chewing on Ice

You might think ice is harmless, as it’s natural and sugar-free. Munching on ice, though, may chip or even crack your teeth. Frequent toothaches may follow if your mindless munching irritates the soft tissue in your tooth. Keep in mind that hot and cold foods trigger quick pain or a lingering toothache. Next time you get the urge to chew on ice, munch on sugarless gum instead.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding may wear teeth over time. This is often a result of stress and sleeping habits. Avoiding hard foods may reduce pain and even the damage caused by this habit. If you’re experiencing the same problem, wear a mouth guard at night to prevent grinding while sleeping.

Eating Cough Drops or Hard Candies

Just because cough drops are available in drugstores doesn’t mean they aren’t bad for your teeth. Cough drops are loaded with sugar, so it’s important to brush your teeth well after eating one. Be it a cough drop or hard candy, it reacts with the sticky plaque that coats your teeth, causing bacteria and cavities.

Opening Items with Your Teeth

Opening bottle caps or tearing food packaging with your teeth may cause them to chip or crack. Keep scissors and bottle openers handy and avoid using your teeth as an alternative.  Use your teeth solely for eating and not as tools.

Avoiding these habits, though, isn’t enough. Getting professional dental services like ours will complete the formula. Visit our services page or call us for additional details.

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