Rachel – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

It was just a very gentle, welcoming environment.

One of my biggest frustrations with dentists before I came here was finding someone that was patient with me being kind of anxious and just telling me what’s wrong and what procedures need to happen, without being like, “”Well, because you weren’t flossing we need to do this,”” or something. Non judgmental and overall just patient with the anxiety that I was having, schedule fluctuations and everything, and I like that one of their biggest priorities here is that the healing time is really pretty quick. They have really good and advanced technologies that they use in their procedures so you come back from the dentist, especially if you do the sedation dentistry, you feel like you’re in here for 20 minutes and then you’re all healed up in a few days tops. That’s something I really like.

I’ve never had a really bad dentist, it’s just makes me nervous and my mum and I have really soft teeth so every single time I went to the dentist since I can remember something was wrong. I think that I associate it with that, as well as I just really don’t like the feeling of the drill or the little scraper thing that they use. I just have general anxiety like that but they’re all really good here at Dr. Matiasevich’s office about dealing with that and calming you down and everything and the sedation dentistry is perfect for people like me.

Dr. Bob suggested the sedation dentistry because they put you out and they can pretty much just get everything done in one swoop. I was totally relaxed, I’ve never really pictured myself being that relaxed at the dentist but I was like, “this is nice!” The way that they do it really puts you at ease and even my healing time was minimal. It was really good.

I had to find a dentist that accepted my insurance because money’s tight and also that was pretty much what narrowed it down. My insurance is accepted by quite a few dentists, it’s Delta so it’s pretty widely accepted, but I just again wanted to make sure that it was somewhere where they accepted my insurance and was also a really highly recommended dentist in the area and somewhere where I would be comfortable going again and again. Once I find a dentist I like to keep going to that same place, they know what’s going on.

I just really felt a good vibe; it’s very welcoming, as soon as you come in all the receptionists are really nice and all the other dentists and dental assistants are really welcoming. It was just a very gentle, welcoming environment. I still kind of had anxiety just because I was going to the dentist, but then as soon as I got here I felt much better about it and as soon as I walked in I just felt like everything was going to be okay.

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