Get Rid of Dietary Restrictions with Dental Implants

Get Rid of Dietary Restrictions with Dental Implants

Tooth loss is caused by a number of reasons, such as tooth decay, gum disease, chronic illness, malnutrition, physical trauma, hormonal imbalance and old age. While tooth loss is common, it can have devastating effects since it makes small but daily tasks such as eating, chewing and biting difficult, if not impossible. Although people eventually adjust to lost teeth by adjusting their speech patterns and modifying the way they chew, it can also force them to limit their diet to certain kinds of food.

People who have lost multiple teeth will likely choose to eat only soft foods that are easy to chew, swallow and digest. They may also have to cut their food into small, bite-size pieces so that eating becomes more manageable for them. Moreover, they may prefer to eat smaller portions so that they can be done with eating as soon as possible.

These kinds of adjustments can have an impact on a person’s appetite. Since eating is uncomfortable and no longer enjoyable, they may eat less, therefore compromising their health. They may also restrict their diet to specific kinds of foods. This makes their diet less varied, and as a result they might not get all the nutrients they need.

Getting dental implants is a permanent solution to tooth loss. They can help people chew and eat like they used to, with little to no dietary restrictions.

During dental implant surgery, your Santa Cruz dentist makes an incision along the gums and inserts metal posts into the jaw bone area. Once the gums have healed, dental crowns are glued over the metal posts, or attached with metal abutments.

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants feel and function like real teeth. They’re more durable and stable, making eating more enjoyable.

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