Hour drive to Santa Cruz just to see Dr. Bob

I’m more comfortable coming here than I have been going to any other dentist.

Full Transcription:

Jennifer: I have one too.

Interviewer: All right, Jennifer. We were talking a little bit during your appointment, today. You are super-nervous at the dentist, right?

Jennifer: I have a real phobia, a real dentist phobia.

Interviewer: How do you feel coming in?

Jennifer: Well, I’m more nervous about the actual, having something worked on my teeth than coming here. I’m more comfortable coming here than I have been going to any of my dentists.

Interviewer: Okay, yeah. I was actually going to ask you what are some of the things that we did for you that helped quite a bit during your appointment?

Jennifer: Well, first of all, everybody is so super-friendly, and very kind, and just calm. I’ve been coming here, gosh, since I think I was in high school. And before I was with Dr. Rob, I was with Dr. Matiasevich, Dr. Rob’s father. So I’m real loyal to here, and I’ve had a couple instances where I broke my teeth in an accident, and everybody here is just so gentle, and so kind, and so caring, and the follow-up is amazing.

Interviewer: Good, good. And I know usually you’re listening to music, you have the nitrous gas during your appointments, which helps a lot.

Jennifer: That’s the other thing, is I felt sort of silly asking for it, but not only having it available, but you never have any qualms about offering it to me, and turning it up if I need it, which I usually do, even for a cleaning. And I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I need to have nitrous for a cleaning. It’s a wonderful service to have.

Interviewer: Okay, good. And then the doctor always keeps in touch with you, right?

Jennifer: Always. After I had my tooth [inaudible 00:01:33], Dr. Rob called the next day just to check in, make sure everything was okay. And that’s the personal touch that I really appreciate.

Interviewer: Good. And I know for you, it’s like an hour drive, but you’re still early. It’s definitely worth it, right?

Jennifer: It is worth it, even though I’ve moved out of the area. I live about half an hour away. Always [inaudible 00:01:50] and I still come back. So it’s worth it, to me.

Interviewer: All right, thanks.

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